Hi, I'm Elizabeth Waddell

I'm a Clinical Research Professional that educates and empowers aspiring CRAs to prepare them for a career they love.

New Course!

Join me on my Podcast!

Ready to hear about the life of a CRA? I have lots to share :-)

Join me, and discover tips to excelling in this amazing career as a Clinical Research Associate!!

CRA Foundation Training

I am so excited to launch this new course which is an expansion of my podcast, Let's Get Clinical.  

This training is a 5-module course, consisting of 15 lessons designed to lay the foundation of quality monitoring, and prepare you for a career as a CRA! 

For those already SOCRA or ACRP certified, it was confirmed that this training can be used as 8.50 hours/points for maintenance renewal. Just in time for you to meet renewal requirements by January 31st!  

Learn More!

Offering CV Review and 1:1 Coaching Calls!

I’ve been where YOU are, and I want to share my knowledge of this complicated industry. I am available for a limited amount of 1:1 coaching calls and CV review. If you need advice or personalized feedback for your specific situation, I would love to help! Click below to schedule.


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